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We handle it from a Japanese product to an overseas product widely. A use and the genre range from everyday life miscellaneous goods to an advantageous product.

Our handling product handles the life miscellaneous goods such as hair accessories, a makeup, a container, bath, sanitary, interior, bicycle, wrapping, cleaning items.

In addition, to seasonal, fashion, an event, a security disaster prevention items, we handle it widely.
Specifically, please check a list of handling products.

For Buyer

We are very sorry, we do not export to the direct foreign countries.
But we introduce the agent which is a business partner with MITSUKI.
If you are OK, we can contact agent in order to connect with you.
At first, please contact us from an inquiry email.

For Seller

At first, please contact us from an inquiry email.
It is OK regardless of a genre including the suggestion of the existing product and the suggestion of a patent, a design, the utility model product.
But we can not accept that only in the case of suggestion personal in a patent, a design, a utility model. And products such as medical supplies and the food.
Thank you for your understanding.